A new direction

The other day while heading back from church, my son asked me, “Mom, why is it so easy for us to follow the law but so hard for us to follow God’s Law?”  As usual, he had stumped me.  I told him that it was a very good question and I should have to think about it.  While it has thus far been easy for me not to kill anyone, which is God’s law and man’s law, as I thought about the Ten Commandments and the Law of the Land which are inexorably bound together, I realized that it is the first of all the Commandments that I am unable to truly honor.  The Commandment states that I am to love the Lord God with all my heart, my mind and my soul and all my strength.

I understand that this blog is sounding awfully preachy at the moment, so I will get to the point.  The point is that my life was so ridiculously busy last year with junkets, commitments outside the home, and blundering through errands and such, that the little time left over for God was even less than that left over for my truly neglected husband.  My loved ones had been robbed of me by my own hand.

I confess I am also a bit of a thief.  The name moonShine Musings was unabashedly swiped from my friend, Anne Hicks who is the publisher and owner of the excellent literary work, moonShine review.  Without a second thought, I believed my association as a part-time fiction editor gave me the right to link myself to it by name and I was too thick to understand until way too late that I had done a great disservice to this talented and treasured friend.

With these two thoughts uppermost in my mind, I will be taking a new direction in 2013.  The moonShine Musings blog at will be taken down shortly and the name will be turned back over to my friend to use as she so chooses — possibly to feature poetry submitted or bits of stories she would like to feature for purposes of marketing, as it should  be used.  (Leslie, did I butcher or neglect a properly placed “m dash?”)

I believe my true passions lie in faith and family and my writings will go that way as they come to me.  Another blog may arise, or I may just join the ranks of slack-jawed tweeters and bug the hell out of all of you with my vapid observations or favorite restaurants in the coming year via twitter account.  It will give me more time to spend on the First Commandment and to amend my thieving ways.

Best of luck and love to you all.  I’ll be seeing you…

One response to “A new direction

  1. Your musings will be missed!

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