Advice I may need

Dear present self,

Just like so many other writers before you, you have chosen to write a “from future self to present self” piece of work.  As lame as that is, (and I know you know it is) I still felt compelled to write.  Even though you’re middle aged now, you still don’t know so much, kiddo.  So, I’m here to enlighten you.

First of all, good job on the whole trying to stay in shape thing.  I know your knees are creaking, but they’re not nearly as painful now compared to how they will be when you become me later.   So, use ’em while you got em.  You put several people to shame that are half your age.  And lay off the cream puffs — your fanny will NOT get any prettier from here on out.

Second – about those kids of yours.  They turn out awesome.  Remember the times you and Frank said no to them and they were really, really mad at you?  It was all worth it.  Next time one of them says they hate you, trade high fives and belly-bumps because you’re doing it right.  Continue to bring them to church and teach them to be respectful and reverent.  You will never regret it.

You’re red headed Grand daughter sings like an angel just like her mother and your grandsons would walk across cut glass barefoot for you just like their daddy.  (Remember that when the teen years really kick in and you want to send them both to Juvie…breathe, breathe, breathe.)

When you get to be me, and the kids are out of the house, don’t forget to romance your husband.  When you’re retired and under foot where Frank used to have the place to himself, working from home, you’ll probably drive him crazy.  Keep your hobbies and stay out of his way unless you are gardening together.  He’s the best friend you’ll ever have – God chose well for you, girl, so make sure Frank feels he got a good deal, too.

As for the present, dear self, I’ve got to tell you to knock it off with the whole “I’m so inadequate” attitude in work situations.  The promotions you didn’t get were gifts — they were how God allowed you to continue to spend time with your family which is your true passion.  It is good that you like your job, but it is your job; not your calling.  Luckily, you’ll figure that out in due time.

And finally, a few reminders:  Pray.  Pray more.  Love.  Love more. Write more, rest more and don’t forget to be thankful.  I don’t have to tell you that dusting can wait for a bike ride with your son or playing guitar with your daughter.  You’re wheezy sneezes say it all: you’ve got that one down cold.

Oh…and menopause will suck, but it doesn’t last forever.  Your family will think it does, but it doesn’t

Have an awesome time, present self, until we meet.   Please realize that wrinkles and gray hair get sexier with time.  And always try to look forward to tomorrow — because you get better looking every day!


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